About Me

GitHub: https://github.com/KellyHwong

Homepage: http://khuangak.student.ust.hk


Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (HUST) as undergraduate, Sep 2012 ~ Jun 2016, Wuhan, Hubei, China

Major: Electronics and Information Engineering

GPA: 88.75/100, Ranking: 5/171

Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (HKUST) as postgraduate Sep 2016 ~ Now, Hong Kong SAR, China

Dept: Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Lab: Robotic Institute

Contact Info

Email: kan.huang@connect.ust.hk

Address: RI, CYT 2F, HKUST, NT, Hong Kong


Skill Stack

Embeded Software(STM32, FPGA)

Mobile Development(iOS/Android)

Server Programming(Backend, DataBase)

Programming Languages

Python, C/C++, Swift, JavaScript

Research Areas

Data Processing

Machine Learning

Robotic Perception

Learned Postgraduate Course

ELEC5600: Linear System Theory

COMP5421: Computer Vision

ELEC5640: Robotic Manipulation

ELEC6910R: Robotic Perception and Learning

MATH6380O: Deep Learning

Courses Served as Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Course ELEC2600: Stochastic Process

Postgraduate Course ELEC6910R: Robotic Perception

Projects by Me

Robotics Manipulation: One project is to control the robot arm with a air-pump sucker in the end point to recognize the cube and put in up. Here is the video: ELEC5640 Demo Video

More Projects: Being Constructed~

Main Research

KanPDR: A iOS client APP showing the returned PDR(real-time indoor localization) data

Beats Hitter: A iOS ending devide APP for incoming and inner generated midi info. This APP is a part of my patent, which is still being drafted.



2016.11: Education Funding Scholarship of HUSTHKAA (refer to http://www.hust.hk/?p=653)

2016.6: Outstanding Graduate of Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech., 2016

2015.6: Outstanding Student of Qiming College, HUST, 2013~2015

2014.9: National Inspirational Scholarship, 2013~2014

2013.12: Merit Student of HUST, 2012~2013

2013.11: National Scholarship, 2012~2013

2013.4: Freshmen's Scholarship of HUST


2015.2: The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (held by COMAP, U.S.A.), Honorable Mention

2014.11: Amazon Seed Cup: Contest of Software Programming (held by HUST), First Prize

2014.9: Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (held by CSIAM, China.), Successful Participant